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What is the best way to choose a plastic surgeon?

It can be a challenge to be sure you are choosing the best medical professional for your procedure. These are the factors to evaluate in making your choice:

  • Educational background
  • Years of experience
  • Professional standing in the medical community
  • Participates on medical boards
  • Number of procedures performed
  • Professor of surgery, or fellowship trainer

We invite you to look over the outstanding qualifications of our surgical team at Mangat Copit Plastic Surgery, as we think you will discover their skills and reputation for excellence are above and beyond your expectations.

Is it better to have a procedure in the hospital?

An outpatient surgery center has patient health and safety requirements that match what hospitals must provide. However, they have several advantages. You are not “just another patient,” but cared for as an individual, in privacy, and with dedicated personal medical care. At Mangat Copit Plastic Surgery, we ensure the use of advanced patient health and safety protocols.

What will my initial consultation involve?

If you are planning to undergo a cosmetic procedure, you want to be comfortable with your plastic surgeon as a person and feel that your vision for your face, breasts, or body is fully understood. Cosmetic surgery is a team effort, and communication is a crucial aspect of achieving an excellent result. Bring photos of your younger self or of others who have a feature that you want to match. The more information we have, the better we can plan your surgery.

Does experience matter?

There is no substitute for years of experience. Find out how many procedures the surgeon has performed, as it can make a difference in the quality of your results.

Can cosmetic surgery treatments appear natural?

Plastic surgery is both an art and a science. With advanced techniques and a meticulous approach, the results can appear entirely natural and do not look to be the result of surgery. At Mangat Copit Plastic Surgery, we are widely known for the ability to achieve a “never had surgery” look.

Can the results of my surgery be more long-lasting?

At Mangat Copit Plastic Surgery, we provide guidance on how to maintain your results with custom skincare treatments and products – and it makes a difference in how long you will enjoy your new look.

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