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Mangat Copit Plastic Surgery and Skin Care

At Mangat Copit Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, we offer custom microneedling treatments with SkinPen®, a groundbreaking device that can restore your skin to appear smooth, firm, and youthful.

How does microneedling work?

Your skin reacts to injuries by developing collagen and elastin fibers. The micro-injuries created by the SkinPen® device send signals to your skin to repair itself. In the days and weeks following your treatment, you will see your skin becoming visibly firmer and more supple. This leads to your skin having a beautiful glow with improvements in tone and texture

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Am I a good candidate for microneedling?

If you are unhappy with any of the following skin conditions, you are likely a good candidate for collagen induction therapy with SkinPen®:

  • Loose, aging skin
  • Wrinkles, lines, or creases
  • Acne scarring
  • Uneven skin texture or tone
  • Reduced skin elasticity or firmness
  • Dull, unhealthy skin

What is the treatment experience?

Microneedling is easy to tolerate. Before the procedure, your skin is numbed with a topical anesthetic for your comfort, at which point the SkinPen device will be applied to your skin, passed over areas showing damage, pigmentation, laxity, acne scars, or uneven texture. The treatment is not difficult to experience, with a feeling similar to a gentle scratching sensation, and only takes about 30 minutes to complete.

What are the results of SkinPen® microneedling?

You can expect your skin to appear healthier and glowing in the days following your procedure. As the weeks pass, it will continue to improve in firmness, tone, and texture. For best results, you may need a series of microneedling treatments at four-week intervals. A treatment every three to six months helps maintain your results and prevents the normal signs of skin aging.

Why choose Mangat Copit Plastic Surgery and Skin Care?

At Mangat Copit Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, your treatment will be supervised by two of the region's most respected, board-certified plastic surgeons. Our private clinic offers state-of-the-art, non-surgical treatments for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, and we are known for our personalized care and exceptional results. We have advanced health and safety protocols, and you can be confident in our processes, techniques, and meticulous approach to skin rejuvenation. We are located in Avon and serve patients who live in Breckenridge, & the Vail Valley.

What is the recovery process after microneedling?

You may experience mild redness and swelling after your procedure, similar to a minor sunburn. It is normal to see some pinpoint bleeding, but these micro-injuries heal very rapidly. Most people are completely recovered within 24 hours. To speed the healing process and enhance your results, you may elect to pair your treatment with platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

How many treatments will I need?

Your skin is unique to you, so the first step in determining how many treatments you may need is a comprehensive evaluation of your skin. If you have extensive skin laxity, rough skin, or unevenly textured skin, you may need a series of treatments to achieve optimal results. Most people undergo a series of three to four treatments, but every treatment plan is customized to match the needs of the individual. After an initial series, a maintenance treatment every three to six months helps maintain optimal results.

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